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Patrick Robinson ~ [Arnold Morgan  01] - Nimitz Class - Patrick Robinson

Written by
Read by George Guidall
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Book Title:………………..Nimitz Class
Series Name:……………Arnold Morgan
Series No:………………..01
Author:…………………….Patrick Robinson
Narrator:………………….George Guidall
Genre:……………………..Adventure Thriller
Publisher:…………………Recorded Books
ISBN:……………………….9780 0626 42301

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Its supersonic aircraft can level entire cities at a stroke. Its surveillance gear can track every target within thousands of square miles—in the air, on the surface, and under the sea. Its crew of six thousand works night and day to keep this awesome military machine at peak performance. It’s a Nimitz-Class nuclear carrier, the most powerful weapons system on the planet. Nothing can touch it.
So when the first stunned messages say only that the Thomas Jefferson has disappeared, the Navy reacts with disbelief. But as her battered escorts report in, the truth becomes inescapable: a Nimitz-Class carrier has been claimed by nuclear catastrophe—the mightiest military unit on earth, vaporized without warning by an accidental detonation of unimaginable power. No other explanation is possible.
But as Navy maverick Bill Baldridge begins to investigate the disaster that claimed his idolized brother’s life, another chilling alternative begins to emerge from the high-tech web of fleeting sonar contacts and elusive radar blips. It points to a rogue submarine commanded by a world-class undersea warrior with the steely nerve and cunning of a master spy. Suddenly it’s up to Bill Baldridge to track down this shadowy nuclear terrorist, who has already turned America’s ultimate weapon into the biggest sitting duck in history—and who still has another nuclear-tipped torpedo in his tubes. He’s already proved he has the icy ruthlessness to incinerate six thousand sailors without a qualm. What will he do for an encore?
In these pages the modern military springs to life, form the Pentagon’s tense conferences to the screaming flight deck of a giant carrier to the silent conning tower of an attack sub on full alert. But as Bill Baldridge races against time to pursue the nation’s most deadly enemy, we are forced to ask ourselves serious real-life questions: Have defense budget cuts jeopardized our national security? Are we prepared to defend ourselves against naval terrorist? How safe are we? Nimitz Class is a world-class techno-thriller with a plot as riveting as Hunt for Red October—and an explosive twist out of tomorrow’s headlines.

Patrick Robinson was born in 1940 and was a British a journalist for many years before becoming a full-time writer of books. His non-fiction books were bestsellers around the world. He lives in Ireland and spends his summers in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

George Guidall was born on June 7, 1938 in Plainfield, New Jersey, USA. He has recorded over 1200 unabridged novels, bringing a consistent artistry to his readings and delighting listeners for over 20 years. Guidall received an Audie Award (the industry’s equivalent to an Oscar) for best unabridged narration of a novel for his recording of John Irving’s A Widow For One Year, an honor he captured again for his rendition of Wally Lamb’s I Know This Much Is True. He’s been nominated for best narration for David Robbins’ War Of The Rats, Ken Follet’s Code to Zero, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and his unabridged narration of Cervantes’ classic, Don Quixote. Acclaimed as one of the original “Golden Voices” in Audiofile magazine, he holds the record for the most “Earphone” awards (over 70) given by the magazine to any narrator for excellence in narration. In addition to his award-winning work as an audiobook narrator, Guidall has also enjoyed a forty-year career in the theatre.

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