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Outlands Justice, A Crucible of Worlds Book 1 - C.J. Carella

Written by
Read by Guy Williams
Format: M4B
Bitrate: 64 Kbps

Length - 12 hrs 40 mins

Goodreads Rating: 4.32 (41 Ratings as of 1/7/19)

“There’s a man that needs killing.”

The Hired Gun -
Nathaniel Lot: Survivor from a shattered Earth. Wielder of a powerful – and terrible – weapon. Once a hero, now an aging mercenary, drinking his life away. But when the daughter of two old friends asks for his help to destroy a murderous wizard and warlord, he can’t say no. The path of vengeance will take them through the Outlands, where they will face dangers both mundane and supernatural.

The Huntress -
Kathryn Herrera: She grew up hearing tales of her parents’ heroic deeds, but she never expected a dark sorcerer to destroy her life. Now she only lives for revenge, and will stop at nothing to destroy the man known as the Warlock.

A Gathering of Heroes -
They once were Justiciars, defenders of a great realm, each gifted with unique abilities. An immortal from fabled Atlantis; a master of arcane sciences; a warrior princess with a taste for death; a Greek demigod; and a Fey sorceress. They will ride forth once more and challenge the Warlock and his army of beast-men and demons.

The Outlands -
A place where castaways from a thousand worlds struggle to survive. A land where magic and technology fight for supremacy – or meld together with strange results. A fractured realm where kingdoms and empires rise and fall, and outlaws and monsters prowl in the wilderness.

Outlands Justice is the first novel of a new series by C.J. Carella, author fo the best-selling Warp Marine Corps saga.

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