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Kaldor City - Doctor Who/Blake's 7 Spinoff - Magic Bullet Productions

Written by
Read by Paul Darrow, Scott Fredericks, Russell Hunter, David Baillie, David Collings, Philip Madoc, Peter Miles, Gregory de Polnay
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 128 Kbps

Kaldor City is a series of audio plays using elements from the fictional universes of British TV series Doctor Who and Blake’s 7. Many of the elements borrowed from these series for use in Kaldor City were originated by Chris Boucher, who wrote for Doctor Who and was script editor for all four seasons of Blake’s 7. The series, produced by Magic Bullet Productions, was released on CD beginning in 2001.

Within the stories, Kaldor City is a major humanoid city of the future “on a corrupt world governed by an all-powerful Company, where the rich scheme in mansions filled with robot slaves, the poor scrabble for survival in the Sewerpits, the Security forces are out of control and terrorism is a daily fact of life”. It was first mentioned in the 1977 Doctor Who serial The Robots of Death as the home base of a “storm mine” touring the desert searching for and mining precious minerals from within the sands, with the crew working on commission for the Company. Boucher reused Kaldor City in his 1999 novel Corpse Marker, part of the Doctor Who Past Doctor Adventures line.

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